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Consider this medium hair down bridal look for your wedding hairstyle. These wavy curls are classically romantic with combined with this Grecian-influenced dress. This bridal hairstyles is great for chin length to medium hair.


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Braided Hairstyle Ideas: How to Finish a Braid Without an Elastic

The organic braid, or finishing a braid without an elastic, is the hot look for summer. Check out these cute braided hairstyle ideas for how to use this technique with a little side braid. 

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Medium Hair Looks

Not too long and not too short, these medium hair looks are just right! There’s more variety than the name hints at. Medium length hair can be as short as just below the chin or all the way down to shoulder length.


The secret to the oversized buns you’ve seen on everyone from Adele to Jeifer Lopez isn’t extra long hair or even extensions but the humble sock. Keep reading for how to make a sock bun, sometimes known as the donut bun. 


Medium Length Hairstyle Picture Gallery

Looking for a new look?  Here we have collected 15 medium hairstyles for you.


Medium Hair Photo Gallery

Not too short and not long, medium length hair is just right! 

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Having thick hair doesn’t mean you have to wear it long. Check out these three great short haircuts for thick hair. These hairstyles make the most of thick hair with layers cut all around the head. Bangs are also used to reduce volume.

hairstylestars:Have you seen our layered haircuts page?  Find 1000’s of new looks!


Have you seen our layered haircuts page?  Find 1000’s of new looks!


At Home Hair Color Guide: Everything You Need To Know

So, you’d like to color your hair and you wouldn’t mind saving a few bucks. As much as I, (and my Visa bill) would like you to come into the salon, I understand that you have a Visa bill too.

Here’s what I propose: I’ll help you figure out what you can do successfully at home, if you promise to go to the pros when you need to. When color goes wrong it usually costs way more to fix than if you had just gone to the salon in the first place. Sound good? Excellent.


Isabelle’s Ultimate Guide to At Home Hair Color

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Layered Wavy Hair

Layered hairstyles make the most of naturally wavy hair. This hot summer hairstyle is a go-to celebrity hairstyle, seen on Kate Hudson, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian. Long layers embrace natural hair texture, allowing for gorgeous hair with minimal styling time. With these flattering cuts, you can let hair dry naturally, reducing the need for styling tools and products. This keeps hair healthy by reducing hair breakage and frizz.


Messy Half Up Beehive Hairstyle – How To

This messy half up half down look is equal parts attitude and glam. The tousled look is easy to get and looks great with bangs or layered haircuts. For another fabulous demi updo, check out this half up top knot. Keep reading for how to get this messy half up half down beehive.


Vintage Bangs – 3 Ways

Vintage hairstyles never go out of fashion! The best way to incorporate this kind of style into your look is with vintage inspired bangs. With such a wide variety of styles to play with, the possibilities are endless! Here are vintage bangs – 3 ways, to help you create the perfect eye-catching look.